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Buy online now ! Hi-Steam all steam hand irons or Hi-Steam steam electric hand irons and Hi-Steam botlle iron at LNG parts store

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Hi-Steam mini boiler with iron Hi-Steam mini boiler with iron

MVP-35B Hi Steam mini boiler + iron (professional iron) 120v

  • Ideal for tailors, alteration rooms, drop-off stores, clothing stores, valet service, tuxedo and bridal shops

Our Price: $585.00
Hi-Steam all steam iron Hi-Steam all steam iron

EFE-290 Hi Steam all steam iron with hoses 80 PSI

  • Welded internal construction
  • Cool, sure grip handle
  • Thermo-tech jacket
  • Light touch steam valve
  • Metal steam flow regulator
  • Includes 2 Teflon hoses and silicone iron rest

Our Price: $169.00
Hi-Steam steam electric iron Hi-Steam steam electric iron

MV-3 Hi-Steam steam electric iron 120v

Our Price: $125.00
All steam iron hose All steam iron hose

All steam iron hose, for all steam hand irons 6-1/2 ft

  • Safe because it is reinforced with stainless steel braid over PTFE tube then covered with Dacron overbraid.
  • This steam hose works with all steam iron Forenta & Hi-Steam

Our Price: $21.75
Teflon Shoe - Hand Irons Teflon Shoe - Hand Irons

Teflon iron shoe ironing shoes Newhouse Specialty
When ordering please specify model
Dry Cleaning and Laundry Products

Our Price: $13.50
Hi-Steam Bottle Iron Discontinued Hi-Steam Bottle Iron Discontinued

EFE- 55W Hi-Steam bottle iron 120v.
No Longer Available